• April 30(Fri) 2021
  • May 1(Sat), 2021

April 30(Fri) 2021

※ Lectures on KSCCM·ACCC 2021 will be provided as “Video-on-demand” service each day.
(Operating Hours: 08:30-22:00, KST)

※ No other session will be available during the “Opening Ceremony” and “Keynote” sessions

※ Fellowship Program Directors’ Meeting : 12:30~13:30, April 30 (Fri), 2021
- 본 프로그램은 대상자에 한해 참석이 가능합니다. (Private meeting, invited only).

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Room 1

Opening Ceremony (09:00-09:10)

Opening Ceremony

Keynote I (09:10-09:50)

  1. Role of KSCCM for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19
    Sang Hyun Kwak (Chonnam Nat'l Univ, Korea)

Keynote II (09:50-10:30)

  1. Future of Critical Care
    Greg Martin (Emory Univ, USA)


  1. Augmenting Critical Care Capacity in Pandemic
    Gee Young Suh (Sungkyunkwan Univ, Korea)
  2. Delirium and Coma in the Pandemic: The COVID-D Study
    Wes Ely (Vanderbilt Univ Medical Center, USA)
  3. Preparedness for COVID-19 Critical Care in Korea
    Sung Jin Hong (The Catholic Univ of Korea, Korea)

Special LectureⅠ

  1. Core Outcomes Measures for Understanding Patient-Centered Clinical Research in Acute Respiratory Failure Survivors
    Dale Needham (Johns Hopkins Univ, USA)


  1. The Current Status and Future of Intensivist in Korea
    Young Sam Kim (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  2. Physician Workforce Projection in Ageing Society
    Ducksun Ahn (Korea Univ, Korea)
  3. Status and Policy Priorities of Healthcare R&D Investment in South Korea
    Yoonsoon Jung (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea)

Patient Safety

  1. Promoting Best Practices in the ICU with Safe Medication Use Guidelines
    Sandra Kane-Gill (Univ of Pittsburgh, USA)
  2. The Role of RRS in Patient Safety
    Sang-Bum Hong (Univ of Ulsan, Korea)

Room 2


  1. How to Set the Optimal PEEP in ARDS
    Moo Suk Park (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  2. Clinical Implications of Patient Self-inflicted Lung Injury (p-SILI)
    Kyeongman Jeon (Sungkyunkwan Univ, Korea)
  3. What Is Different COVID-19 ARDS from the Original ARDS?
    Jae Hwa Cho (Yonsei Univ, Korea)

Special Lecture Ⅱ

  1. Analgesia and Its Pharmacologic and Non-pharmacologic Approaches
    Yoanna Skrobik (McGill Univ, Canada)

Sepsis I

  1. The Role of Vitamin C for Treating Sepsis
    Greg Martin (Emory Univ, USA)
  2. The Organ Protection with Dexmedetomidine
    Dorji Harnod (Fu Jen Catholic Univ, Taiwan)
  3. Novel Clinical Phenotypes for Sepsis 
    Kimberley DeMerle (Univ of Pittsburgh, USA)

Sepsis II

  1. Antibiotic De-escalation: How to Do It?
    Jan De Waele (Ghent Univ Hosp, Belgium)
  2. Pressure Targets in Septic Shock Resuscitation
    Michael Pinsky (Univ of Pittsburgh, USA)
  3. Corticosteroids for Sepsis: Why, When and How!
    Djillali Annane (Univ Paris Saclay - UVSQ, France)

Room 3

KSCCM-JSICM Joint Congress

  1. Updates in COVID-19 Treatment
    Sang-Min Lee (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  2. The Efficacy of ECMO for COVID-19
    Keiki Shimizu (Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center, Japan)
  3. Challenging Issues for End-of-life Care in the Era of COVID-19
    Shin Hye Yoo (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  4. PICS related to COVID-19
    Kensuke Nakamura (Hitachi General Hosp, Japan)

Satellite Lecture I

  1. CLABSI : The Urgent Need to Refocus on Prevention Efforts
    Ho Geol Ryu (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)


  1. Disruptive Behavior in Healthcare
    Dong-Chan Kim (Chonbuk Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  2. Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities
    Kyu Won Jung (Hanyang Univ, Korea)

Room 4

Something Different in Trauma

  1. What is the Difference and Importance in Coagulopathy Caused by Trauma?
    Gil Jae Lee (Gachon Univ, Korea)
  2. Panperitonitis Caused by Trauma
    Nak-Jun Choi (Korea Univ, Korea)
  3. Return to Daily Life after Trauma
    Hohyun Kim (Pusan Nat'l Univ, Korea)

Satellite Lecture II

  1. How to Improve Early Recovery & Mitigate Challenges of Deep Sedation : Clinical Benefit of Precedex
    Woo Hyun Cho (Pusan Nat'l Univ, Korea)


  1. Immunological Understanding of COVID-19
    Eui-Cheol Shin (KAIST, Korea)
  2. Prediction of Hospitalization and ICU Use in COVID-19
    Su Hwan Lee (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  3. Laboratory Diagnosis of COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19 Preparedness
    Hyukmin Lee (Yonsei Univ, Korea)

Neuro-critical Care I

  1. Acute Ischemic Infarction
    Jeongho Hong (Keimyung Univ, Korea)
  2. Traumatic Brain Injury
    Jiwoong Oh (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  3. Status Epilepticus and Seizure
    Tae-Joon Kim (Ajou Univ, Korea)

Room 5


  1. Unending Dialogue between the Heart and the Kidneys: Cardiorenal Syndrome
    Jin Wi (Gachon Univ, Korea)
  2. Unchangeable Wrong Myths about the Elevation of Cardiac Biomarkers in ICU
    Sang-Hoon Na (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  3. Long-awaited New 2020 CPR Guideline in COVID-19 Era
    Mi Jin Lee (Kyungpook Nat'l Univ, Korea)


  1. Patient Blood Management in ICU
    Aryeh Shander (Englewood Health, USA)
  2. Racial Difference of Thrombogenicity in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease: A Pandora Box to Explain Prognostic Differences
    Young-Hoon Jeong (Gyeongsang Nat'l Univ, Korea)

Decisions about Surgery in Intensive Care Unit

  1. Update in Surgical Critical Care 2021
    Pauline Park (Univ of Michigan, USA)
  2. Pneumatosis Intestinalis: Is Surgery Always Required?
    Seung-Young Oh (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  3. Colitis: Conservative Management vs. Surgery
    Im-kyung Kim (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  4. Necrotizing Pancreatitis: When Should Surgery Be Considered?
    Hak-Jae Lee (Univ of Ulsan, Korea)

May 1(Sat), 2021

※ Lectures on KSCCM·ACCC 2021 will be provided as “Video-on-demand” service each day.
(Operating Hours: 08:30-22:00, KST)

※ No other session will be available during the “Keynote” sessions.

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Room 1

Keynote III (09:00~09:40)

  1. COVID-19: What We Could Have Done Better
    Jean-Louis Vincent (Erasme Univ Hosp, Belgium)

Keynote IV (09:40~10:20)

  1. Big Data in the ICU
    Hyun Wook Han (CHA Univ, Korea)


  1. Liberal vs Conservative Oxygen Therapy during Mechanical Ventilation
    Sang-Min Lee (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  2. Intraoperative Mechanical Ventilation to Prevent Postoperative Pulmonary Complications
    Choon-hak Lim (Korea Univ, Korea)

General Assembly & Award Ceremony (12:30-13:30)

General Assembly & Award Ceremony


  1. Acute Brain Injury in Patients with ECMO
    Sung-Min Cho (Johns Hopkins, USA)
  2. COVID 19 and ECMO
    In-Seok Jeong (Chonnam Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  3. Monitoring Strategy for Anticoagulation in ECMO
    Jae-Seung Jung (Korea Univ, Korea)

Basic Science, Technology

  1. “What's Past Is Prologue": Tele-ICU before, during, and after the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
    Timothy Buchman (Emory Univ, USA)
  2. Intensive Care Unit Environment Is a Potentially Hostile for the Critically Ill Patient?
    Jeongmin Kim (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  3. Effect of Intraabdominal Pressure in Respiratory Mechanics
    Suk-Kyung Hong (Univ of Ulsan, Korea)

Room 2


  1. Sedation and Analgesia in Neurocritical Care
    Ji Man Hong (Ajou Univ, Korea)
  2. Pharmacotherapy Updates in Pain, Sedation and Delirium
    Sunghoon Park (Hallym Univ, Korea)
  3. Pharmacists Intervention to Promote Compliance of a Sedation Protocol
    Sang Lang Kang (Yonsei Univ, Korea)

Special Lecture III

  1. (TBD)
    Maurizio Cecconi (Humanitas Univ, Italy)


  1. Legacy after ICU Survival; Post Intensive Care Syndrome
    Jiyeon Kang (Dong-A Univ, Korea)
  2. The Perspective of ICU Nurse and Physiotherapist about Early Mobilization
    Min-Hyung Rhee (Pusan Nat'l Univ, Korea)


  1. Training System for Critical Care Pharmacists in USA
    Sandra Kane-Gill (Univ of Pittsburgh, USA)
  2. Current Status of ICU Pharmacist in Korea
    You Min Sohn (Sungkyunkwan Univ, Korea)
  3. Critical Care Pharmacy Residency and Training Program in Korean Hospital
    Young Joo Song (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)

Room 3

Neuro-critical Care II

  1. Neurologic Prognostication after Cardiac Arrest
    Ji Man Hong (Ajou Univ, Korea)
  2. Brain Death: World Brain Death Project and Current State of Korea
    Moon Ku Han (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  3. Cerebral Perfusion in Critically Ill Patients: Is It Enough?
    Yasuhiro Kuroda (Kagawa Univ, Japan)

Special Lecture Ⅳ

Time Afternoon Venue Room 3
  1. Adjuvant Therapy in Severe COVID-19 Patients
    DeChang Chen (Ruijin Hosp, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ, China)

Pediatric Critical Care

  1. Current Status and Discharge Outcomes in PICU
    Kyunghoon Kim (The Catholic Univ of Korea, Korea)
  2. Continuity of Care: Home Care for Technology-dependent Children
    Min Sun Kim (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)

Research and Ethics Symposium

  1. Ethical Issues in Publication of Research
    Changsoo Kim (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  2. Research Ethics and Good Writing
    Sung-Tae Hong (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)

Room 4

Ongoing Clinical Researches

  1. Korean Sepsis Alliance: Interim Report
    Chae-man Lim (Univ of Ulsan, Korea)
  2. International Collaboration in Critical Care Research: Strategies and Challenges to Success
    Atsushi Kawaguchi (Tokyo Women's Medical Univ, Japan)
  3. Clinical Studies of ICU Rehabilitation in South Korea
    Chi Ryang Chung (Sungkyunkwan Univ, Korea)
  4. Creating a Global Critical Care Collaborative in a Pandemic: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned
    John Fraser (Univ of Queensland, Australia)

Satellite Lecture III

  1. The Changing Face of Sepsis—Where Might Toraymyxin Fit in?
    John Kellum (Spectral Medical / Univ of Pittsburgh, USA)


  1. Precision Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
    Sung Yoon Lim (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  2. Acid-base and Electrolyte Disturbance in ICU: Diagnosis and Management
    Eun Hui Bae (Chonnam Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  3. Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury
    Jihyun Yang (Korea Univ, Korea)


  1. Principles for Disaster Preparedness and Response
    Taehun Lee (Hallym Univ, Korea)
  2. Biologic Disaster Preparedness after COVID-19 at EMS Level
    Ki Jeong Hong (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  3. Biological Disaster Preparedness after COVID 19 at Hospital Level
    Sun Young Cho (Sungkyunkwan Univ, Korea)

Room 5

Transforming ICU Culture

  1. Just Culture in Healthcare Organizations
    Seung Eun Lee (Yonsei Univ, Korea)
  2. Promoting a Healthy Work Environment in the ICU
    Ruth Kleinpell (Vanderbilt Univ, USA)
  3. Disclosure of Patient Safety Incidents
    Soonhaeng Lee (Univ of Ulsan, Korea)

Non-pharmacologic Management

  1. Family Involvement in ICU
    Mimi Lee (Seoul Nat'l Univ, Korea)
  2. The Role of Music Therapy in ICU
    Ga Eul Yoo (Ewha Womans Univ, Korea)